A list of tutorials!

We share with you a list of tutorials that we have developed for students. Tutorials are compressed as zip files. Some files contain a file "Allrun", which should be run as ./Allrun from the command line prompt.

1) Tutorial 1 - Meshing using snappyHexMesh

This is a tutorial which explains the seps involved in creating a Hex dominant mesh. For detailed steps and a walk through tutorial for meshing a complex geometry please contact us through our OPENFORUM.

2) Tutorial 2 - Meshing using blockMesh

This tutorial guides you through various methods for generating block mesh for simple geometries.

3) Tutorial 3 - Swirl flow in pipe with bends

A zip file is provided which contains the case files for running a solver on a mesh generated using snappyHexMesh. Command sequence 1) blockMesh 2) surfaceFeatureExtract 3) snappyHexMesh - overwrite 4) simpleFoam

4) Tutorial 4 - Post processing

Simple steps to view the simulated results using paraview

5) Tutorial 5 - Multi Region Conjugate Heat transfer

This tutorial guides through various process involved in setting up case files where both the condutive and convective heat transfers are present. The geometry is created using blockMeshDict and topoSetDict.

6) Assignments done during our previous workshops